#Fiesta #Chicken #Casserole

Fiesta Chicken Casserole
#Fiesta #Chicken #Casserole

#Fiesta #Chicken #Casserole

Fiesta bird casserole is packed with chunks of bird, gentle pasta, corn, black beans, all in a one dish tacky hen casserole. Simple to make and a remarkable way to deplete leftover fowl or a rotisserie fowl.

I love having easy recipes accessible that use up leftover shredded fowl and leftover pasta. I don’t understand approximately you but i constantly appear to have random baggage of leftover pasta from when I didn’t use the whole box. You’ll only need 2 cups of pasta for this fowl casserole so it’s a wonderful way to use up those little quantities.

I can both use a rotisserie bird or leftover shredded/chunked bird. You can even use some leftover taco meat too! Shredded pork or some thing else you have. As long as you operate 2 cups of whatever meat you select.

Change out the fowl for whatever meat you want! Leftover shredded pork, or beef, or even leftover ground beef taco meat. In case you don’t like black beans then use pinto beans or another bean you want. You could use any cheese you need. I always appear to have colby-jack cheese inside the fridge in order that’s what i usually turn out to be the usage of. 

Make this as highly spiced as you need. Upload some chili powder or cayenne pepper, or maybe a few chopped jalapenos into the dish. The nice pasta to use is a spiral pasta like rotini or fusilli. I passed off to now not have any leftover of a spiral pasta once I made this so that’s why you received’t see it within the photographs. However, it's miles nice to use a spiral fashioned pasta. Any type will do although! 

Use a truly desirable, fresh salsa for this recipe. I continually like to buy the fresh salsa that they've in the produce area with the guacamole and stuff. The salsa flavors surely shine in this casserole so make it a terrific one.

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